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How to never get scammed Buying/Selling Dls

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I'm only selling dls in this post because if i don't it won't fall under the " Selling dls category "

There was another website just like this and i'd been a member for quite a while.
Just because i'm new doesn't mean i don't have experience.

I've seen many of the posts and most of them are fake or just trying to scam people:
Heres why:
Trying to make legit sellers sell low ( So they can buy the dls then sell for more )
Trying to make you pay first for a lot of money ( 20+ euros at a time ) Which isn't a safe way, never do this because you will 99% of the time get scammed.
Sending you a "Fake invoice" which looks like you're going to get it within 24hours but once you've given the dls its cancelled. ( It looks really real but don't trust it )

How to avoid a scam( If selling )
            Ask for 1dl at a time  ( they pay first ) And say that the payment HAS to be in the account before you give any items.
            If they want you to go first its most likely a scam.
            Never give the dls if they send an invoice saying " Will be deposited to account within 24hours, Non refundable " Even if it looks real, its not.
How to avoid a scam( If buying )
           If your buying dls Ask to buy 1dl at a time, If they're willing to give more first then accept ( But scamming will get you banned since most honest sellers have proof )
           Don't buy a lot of dls at a time even if they seem trusted and you have to go first.

Im not diehard about anti-scam but alot of people on this website ( Almost 4/5 of every post i see ) Is a scam... And i don't want it to ruin trading for real buyers/sellers.


Nice POST !!

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Sell (Post if you want to sell ) » How to never get scammed Buying/Selling Dls